Jiffi Web Help is an Australian Business

Jiffi Web Help is an Australian Business.

While most of the interactions you ever have with us will originate from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Hobart, we do have team members all over the world as we strive to work with the best people no matter where they live.

If you would prefer to have your work done by someone living in Australia that is not a problem, just let us know.

Support Features

Set your business’s tech support budget

Set your budget with a regular monthly subscription, or buy when you need it.

Cancel at Any time

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, and credit never expires.

Only pay for what you use.

If a job takes five minutes, you’ll be charged five minutes of credit, no more.

Your whole team can access credit.

So long as you’re registered under the same company your credit can be shared with anyone you choose.

Credit never expires.

Once you’ve purchased credit it’s there whenever you need it, with no use-by limit.

All the communication in one place

By logging into the Jiffi Web Help Portal you can see all the communications recorded against a requested task.

1-Click Chrome Browser Extension

Don’t struggle to find the words, take a screen-shot quickly and easily with our Chrome browser extension, highlight, annotate, and share with the support team.

Know the cost up-front

Once you’ve sent us a job request we’ll get back to you with a quote. You can choose to accept that either as a fixed quote or an estimate.

Track your team’s usage

All the job requests listed together in one place, with all the communications for each job.