How much does it cost?

Jiffi Web help charges for support using pre-paid block of credit.

Many requests we receive can be completed in 5 ($14) or 10 ($28) minutes. We highly recommend talking to one of our support team before buying credit so you can know how much credit your task will take.  You can talk to one of our website support pros by emailing [email protected] , phoning 1300 247 516 or talking to us through chat.

If your first task is complete in 20 minutes but you purchase 30 minutes of credit, then there will be 10 minutes waiting in your account for the next time you need support.

If you think you are going to need help with a lot of little tasks you may even like to purchase more than you need now, so you have plenty for when you need it. This can save you money as volume discounts apply the more you purchase.

Pay as you go pricing plans


Need help only occasionally? PAYG pricing is perfect for you. You’ll never, EVER, be charged an hour for a job that took five minutes. Your credit doesn’t expire, so you can purchase now and only use it when you need. If you need regular website help, however, a subscription is a cheaper monthly option that enables you to set your web budget for the year and not worry about unexpected bills.

*Prices Include GST

* Tasks that takes less than an hour are completed within 24hours. Some more complicated tasks can take longer

You’ll never, EVER, be charged an hour for a job that took five minutes.

Your credit doesn’t expire, and remains available until you need it.